Monday, November 13, 2006

Long Time no Post and Baby Ball

Things are going very well at St. Leo lately and even better at the Ball house hold. Mrs. Ball and I are now the proud parents of a baby girl. She is a great blessing to our lives and the main reason I have not posted in a long time. I made the choice to sleep rather than post.

The other reason that I have not posted for a while is that I've been preparing the grade threes to use literacy centers in the morning. The class takes great joy in the freedom of expression that this offers them in their reading and writing. I've even worked in a videogame center for them to use. Most of the games are Edutainment stlye but the games are varied and open ended enough that no one is getting bored. I have wanted to do centers since my first year of teaching but I didn't have the resources. Now that I have built up my personal library to 940 books and I've started taking inservicing on Lit. centers I figured now is the time.

While I'm typing I thought I should post up this link to a paper that Mr. MacKenty has linked to.


Raj said...

Congrats there guys, all the best from the Boora Clan.

Danny Maas said...

Hey hey congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ball! What super news regarding the arrival of your baby!

Send a picture to my gmail if you would like to!

All the best!

Phil McRae said...

Congratulations Ball will change your world for the better (especially when they start sleeping through the night). Best wishes and send me an email when you have time, energy and enough sleep.

Phil McRae -