Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Day of Tech Plus

The day has arrived. TechPlus is happening.

I have been wowwed by the ability of Concordia students to integrate tech with curriculum while engaging students. The virtual field trips (VFT) they have created some very exciting projects that are really powerful. The VFT is really a WebQuest on Steroids. There was one VFT based around air and aerodynamics which included some exciting video and music. The preservice students whi built it used some footage from video that they created up at CFB Coldlake.

There were two others; one based around the Alberta physical regions and the other about Ukraine. Both were excellent.

After a short break Concordia professor Pat Richardson presented on her project titled "Real Authors". She and her year one students emailed students from St. Mary's grade 6 classes to develope student to (pre-service) teacher mentorships. The technology was a stumbling block to start as they had trouble with the freedom of Information Protection Act (FOIP). The email to email was troublesome but I think that they are going to try and use the Writely share feature. I also suggested Blogmiester as a blogging site.

There was a great little lunch! I was excited to be able to eat vegetarian.

Right now I'm in the session. It's just about the same presentation as Elementary Math Learning Objects. I can't say that I am excited but it is clear that many teachers and principals have not yet experienced this site yet. It is valuable and I hope that they continue to get word out about the tools that they have.

Next is the Social Studies presentation. I'll post on that tomorrow.

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