Friday, March 03, 2006

Elementary Math Learning Objects

The presentation hasn't even started yet and I'm worried that I'm not going to get anything out of this session. The other sessions at this convention site aren't related to my subject areas so I'm hunkering down to watch. The description of the program did not mention that it was Alberta Learning.

My last session was about role-playing in education. The presenter went off on a few tangents but he delivered a strong support for the use of Dungeons and Dragons as a teaching tool. He is a youth pastor who has been working with outcast youth. He uses D&D to bring out the real problems in the youths lives. He spoke quite a bit about aiding the socially challenged children with collaborative, social, and engaging role-play. I think that there are some great uses for Avatars with learners. I'm especially attracted to their ability to lower barriers and increase confidence.

Session on Elementary Mathematics Digital Resources...

The speaker defined a learning object as...

A Multimedia Learning resource of key concepts that is interactive with immediate and pertinent feedback and support. The games do fit that definition. I would like to see the learning objects in a more instructive mode and less of a marking mode.

Students are given choice as to what question order they do. If students don't complete the learning object right away they are given a few chances then given feedback. If the students don't complete the task (one question) then it is reported as such on the print out certificate. Students can write down a code which will allow them to return where they left off when they next login. I kind of like that. Students will also be able to go back and play the same games (edutainment style) once they have finished that level.

For my grade level there is still only the one money learning object which has been completed. This is the same one that I saw last year. I'm sure that really believes that this is the right way to do things but it seems very much like a fill in the blank/ multiple choice answer to everything. I need to examine my pedagogical philosophy on this before I make more comments.

On the happy side at least I was able to make a blogger post today!

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Mark Wagner said...

Mr. Ball,

Can you post more about the presenter who used role playing to help students? Are there any handouts or links you can share with us? Or contact information perhaps?

I enjoy my subscription to this blog. Thanks for writing. :)