Thursday, March 23, 2006

Watered down Ethical Decision Making Model

This exercise was a struggle for me. I chose to set my topic around the broader idea of ethical issues involved in using video games as learning tools in the classroom. I stared off by trying to put too many issues into one paper and I ended up with only two.

I was going to write about content, cost, widening of the wealth/knowledge gap, games as rewards, teacher training, and a few others I can't recall at the moment.

As the title of my post points out I think I watered down the decision making model. I am way too biased. Next time I do anything like this I'm going to change subjects.

I took two quotes that Mark Wagner referenced from his blog or more specifically from a post he made yesterday . I also have to admit that I've stopped trying to create my own RSS list to read and have just started to read his. Mark has got a great bloglines archive going.

Oh yes and if you need to find the Ethical Decision Making Model that I used it is referenced as being adapted from
"A Feminist Model for Ethical Decision Making" by M. Hill, K. Glaser, and]. Harden (1995). In E. J. Rave and C. C. Larsen (Eds.), Ethical Decision Making in Therapy: Feminist Perspectives. New York: Guilford Press.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is the last day of school before springbreak. I'm so exhausted I think that I need to start cutting things back a bit. It didn't help that in the past few weeks I've had reportcard time, demonstration of learning, and Alberta Teachers Association meeting night. Oh yeah and teaching. I'm so blessed to have the students I have!

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