Monday, March 27, 2006


Just a heads up before checking out this site while the name seems circumspect there is no (as of the time I made this post) sexually explicit material.

The creator Max is trying to help people with disabilities to find healthy sex lives. He is setting up great a T.V. series in partnership with the U or A and the Canadian Burn Foundation. Phizer
and the Miseracordia Hospital (Edmonton) are both being approached for funding. Keep your eyes on for information about a golf tournament to raise money in Sept. It's going to be an adult/kid team combination.

Here is their description of T.V. series they are working on...

SexAbility is a thirteen part documentary series that will follow couples and singles with a disability as they share stories, tips and resources in their pursuit and attainment of satisfying sex lives. The aim of the show is both to inform and to inspire courage and humour to a diverse audience by speaking to all genders, orientations, and abilities about the one thing we have in common, a desire for great sex. Through engaging personal stories and informative interviews the material will offer a new perspective for those who may share the frustrations of stereotypes, suffer the prejudice of a biased society, and fear that a satisfying sex life is impossible when living with a disability.

This is a facinating to me. One of those things I never think about because I am a white middle class Canadian male. I am excited to think this will open doors of understanding to the 'average' joe like myself. I feel this will also open doors to people with a disablity who might feel otrasized sexually by society. I pray that it will help both those with and those without disabilites to find healthy God rich relationships. When the Father brought the Son into the world, it was written of Him, "...He had no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him..." (Isaiah 53:2).

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Max said...

Hi Mr. Ball,

Thx for the plug. We're really excited about the show and looking forward to answering lots of questions people are scared to ask.

I just wanted to clear up a couple mistakes in your post because I don't want to get in trouble. Pfizer hasn't committed to sponsoring our project yet, although we have approached them. Also, the Misericordia also hasn't committed to the project.

Besides the U of A, the Canadian Burn Foundation has. They are looking forward to seeing this show become a reality. Check out their site at: We're also going to plan a golf tournament for them in Sept. It's going to be an adult/kid team combination.

Thx again for the plug about our tv show. Currently, the only thing holding us back from producing the pilot is money. We're looking for a few more dollars before we can start shooting. If you know of anyone or organization that can help us out, pls let us know. We're looking to donate some of our proceeds back to the organizations that help us.

thx again and I'll keep you updated.