Thursday, March 02, 2006

Notes for ScriptEase

Here are the Notes on Script Ease presentation that I attended today at the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association. ?

The first presenter was Harvey Duff. I love Harvey he was an instructor of mine this summer at the U of A. He is a retired high school teacher who knows tonnes about I.T.! He was the department head at Jasper Place High school and he taught at Queen Elizabeth. Sweetest guy you ever met and he also talks and talks (then talks some more). (I love you Harv!) He also talked about the MES programs from the U of A at
Here is the link on the U of A ScriptEase webpage.

They developed ScritpEase to aid game creators become programmers. This way the non-programmers can easily create games without learning C++. Instead we can use simple sentence like codes.

We had a chance to create our own Crypt areas and place a door and chest (mine wouldn't load when I tested it).

Maria and her crew are working on some patterns which will increase the fidelity of Computer based Role Playing Games.
Behaviour patterns (giving life to NPCs)
I had a chance to talk with Maria Customise before the session about the research she is doing. She is working on creating higher fidelity interactions between non-playing characters (NPC) in four ways.
1. NPC's on there own.
2. NPC's with other NPCs
3. NPC's with Users
4. (can't remember)

Plot Patterns

I didn't see the coding that she has done but she showed me some very videos of how the NPCs were interacting (she's a doctoral student).

Favourite quote "Rush the Code!"

Stand back I'm "Rush the Code!" tonight!

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