Monday, January 09, 2006

World Food Program's- Food Force

I'm giving it a shot. I'm getting a proposal together that I'm giving to my Principal, hopefully this week. I want to take the Tuesday Lunch Computer club and use it as a Learning venue. I'm going to start off simple with the World Food Program's Food Force.

I'm having our technician install the game on my classroom PC and I'll demo the game to my Principal.

I'm excited because I think that it will give me my first 'hit' of what it might be like to teach around/ with a video game.
Check the game out here...


Anonymous said...

I've only just seen this post - how did you get on with Food Force? Are you using it with your students?

Mr.Ball said...

I found the Food Force program after reading through some literature based around video games and learning. It is free and it has a great focus so I tried it with my students. Check out the website for more information.