Sunday, November 13, 2005

Questions please

So here is where it stands so far. After writing the literature review I think that I have a good theoretical basis for what I want to do, now I just have to put it in practice.

The questions that I have to answer for myself as I move forward go something like this...

1. How valuable is the teachable moment if it causes the learner to be removed from the learning environment or the interactivity that is within a video game?

2. Without breaking into the roleplay or taking students out of the virtual world teachers can apply appropriate scaffolding to aid students in learning?

3. Can teachers catch up to meet the new generation of learners? Will educators’ content be tainted by the way they use, retrieve and post information?

I realized long ago the simulation I want to make is more of a proof
of concept rather than something an ordinary teacher could use - the
authoring tools for NWN seem very time consuming. I'm looking into a modification of Neverwinter nights that was used to recreate Colonial America (it's called Revolution). I want to see how they implemented their learning goals (my goals will be based around the Alberta Program of Studies) and what kinds of player and non-player interaction they relied upon to create a socailly rich environment.

I don't want to include violence or magic in the game but I do want to create a rich roleplaying environment. What questions or concerns have you got for me?

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