Friday, June 04, 2004

RPG's as Teaching Tools

Video games are able to inspire and capture children to focus their energy and attention for too many hours at a time. In video games children willingly immerse themselves in make-believe environments where they are provided with instant feedback on their progress. It is my belief that as educators we need to start looking at video games as possible alternative approaches to learning, both within the existing contexts of schooling and possibly in the development of new learning environments.

Bioware has a video role playing game called Neverwinter Nights. I am interested in exploring a feature of the game that allows one player (the Game Master or Dungeon Master) to control the story line and interact more richly with other players than a computer ever could. Link I'm not a big fan of the Hack and Slash parts of the game but the GM interface has, what I think is, some real promise in a gaming environment as a teaching tool.

If you have idea, questions, or help that you can provide me as I complete my Masters in Education on this Topic please leave a comment.


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