Monday, February 01, 2010

Change of Venue

have moved my posts off the ECSD server and this blogger site and am now posting at

The idea for the Casual Teacher site name was given to me by one of my co-workers and it represents two things. First, it relates to my relaxed and uncomplicated way of living. Second, it uses the currently popular tag for the "Casual Games" to draw a link towards digital games as learning tools. I am very excited to have my own site and I hope it draws me into more current and relevant classroom practices

I am now posting on my own site so that my message doesn't get confused with the districts message. I love the ECSD community and I am sure I won't say anything controversial but I want to move my thoughts away from their property so that there is no confusion about what I say and what they stand for. Trust me ECSD is a great place to work and this is really more about protecting them than me.

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