Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Movie Maker

Much of the music, activities, and crafts students are doing at Singspiration are based around Africa. Today we're going to start building videos based on the theme of Arica. Here are some sites we will use to get the pictures and movies for our videos.

www.creativecommons.org/image With CreativeCommoons we will primarily be using Flickr.

www.google.com We will use the image search on google.com

Students can explore the regions of Africa courtesy of this PBS website. When we do our searches we'll be using keywords like:
Africa, African, Elephant, Rainforest, Savanna or Lion. There are many other words that relate to Africa. If you can think of any try them out in the search engines.

I would like to see how many students are able to tell a story using the pictures they find. Not an easy task.

Tomorrow we will put music to the images. Hopefully we'll have time to burn the CDs so that we can take the videos home.

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