Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ray Kurzweil Question-

As a tech-teacher I often think about how ICT adds value to student learning. I spend time walking home from school pondering tech integration when I get frustrated about its use in classrooms. I'm not sure if it stems from teachers; lack of experience, fear of risk taking, or focus from administration. In my school I have tried many tactics to help with these three barriers.

I feel that Education is far behind in the adaptation of technology for the use of learning. Technology is moving so fast while education and government move like mollasas. This morning our Masters class enjoyed a presentation from Ray kurzweil. We were able to ask him a question about the future of education and its relationship to the increased rate of change in technology. As we listened to Ray Kurzweil's presentation today we came up with a question about the future of education delivery.

Elementary and Secondary Education is not adapting to the exponential changes in technology. In the future how will education adapt and change to meet with student and society's fast paced change?

Ray answered the question by touching on some of these points-
-M.I.T. will soon have its course work online.
-The next shift will be towards virtual reality. The intimate feeling of being together will be there. Kids will be able to share ideas around the world.
-We will have the ability to download knowledge, skills, and experiences. We will have the ability to capture human experiences. The role of a teacher will be that of a mentor. Not just to learn skills and accumulatre knowledge but to guide the learning.

Some thoughts that I would like to set aside for future learning...
Primary source expertise and authentic artifacts- how can I deliver the primary expertise in a cost effective way...
Skype can now allow us to contact experts

Take away from Ms. Charmaine Brooks presentation-
How do we measure the integration of technology?
I felt that the ICT outcomes were on very shakey ground. I'm not sure whether

Phil's top three for tech integration in schools-
Need a champion
- must be able to work with the resistors and calm the overly excited teachers.
- they must know the curriculum
- they have to be able to draw people and build themselves out of a job.

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