Monday, July 24, 2006

Pat Redhead

Pat Redhead:
Pat offered up her wisdom and experiences in realtion to 7 things:
1. her attempt at defining of technology and how it can be infused- The ICT outcomes are broader then the use of computers. In Pat's work with Alberta Ed. she has tried to make the technology outcomes embrace new technologies, which includes the analog technologies.

2. definition of integration- the ICT curriculum should be infused not treated as a seperate course. ICT should be like a tea bag that infuses itself into the water. Technology should add to the flow of the learning.

As I sit and write this now I wish that I had taken more notes in the classroom. She had lots of experience to share as a classroom teaher, a policy maker and a contractor higher by Alberta Ed.

The Fellowship of the Microchip- Turkle, S. (2004) Here are some of the notes my group made on this article atMaster's Wiki.

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