Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Evaluating Games

Recently I've bought some video games from Scholastic Canada. I want to use them in my classroom instruction but I need to examine them first. Here is the list of games I'm going to be covering. I'll try to relate them to the Alberta Program of Studies as well as give them a ranking out of 4 for the ability to infuse stealth learning. I will also provide more information on each game's publisher andgame play.

I'm more excited about some games than others. The games in this list are ranged from grades 4-6.

SimCity 4

Civilization 3

Majestic Chess

Lift Off

Mathematics Deluxe

Lemonade Tycoon

Oregon Trail 5th Edition

Star Trek StarShip Creator

Astro Algebra

Learn about Physical Science

Great Canadian Adventure

Typing Tutor Jr.

Vet Emergency

Roller Coaster Tycoon

Math for the Real World

Chemical Reaction

Games for Grades K-3 include...

I Love Spelling

I can Spell

Bob the Builder

The Cat in the Hat

Zoboomafoo, Animal Alphabet

Backyard Hockey

I Spy Junior

Clifford Thinking Adventures

Care Bears- Let's have a ball.

Jump Start Explorers

Freddi Fish

Numbers Undercover

Some games are more Edutainment games than others. I've made my position pretty clear on Edutainment style games. They aren't bad if they work but I prefer the sneak attack/ stealth learning.


Bradley Shoebottom said...

I am interested in having my university studies compare Canadian Military history to its representation in video games. Do you know of any kind of evaluation matrices that people are using to link the two?

Mr.Ball said...

I don't know of any one who is evaluate the connections but I have been thinking about making a rubric that is based around Dr. Tom Reeves "Evaluating What Really Matters in Computer Based Education" University of Georgia.