Monday, May 29, 2006

Tech Leader- Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner is a tech leader who I admire for his openness to communicate his vision for the application of new technologies in the classroom. Mark has used his understanding of technology and teaching pedagogy to train teachers in the Orange County Department of Education. He has in serviced teachers on many topics no the least of which include: Blogging, the Read/Write web, Podcasting and the use of video games as learning tools (and much more I'm sure). Mark shares many of his thoughts with the world on his website at: In many of his posts he quotes the theories of Piaget, Bruner and Dewey. He takes the old texts (not that old is bad) and always seems to find connections to present day learning, technology, and teaching. I always appreciate his insightful posts on different technologies and education not to mention his posts about life in general.

Mr. Wagner is a working on his PhD in Educational Technology at Walden University. Much of his research is based around the use of massive multiplayer online role playing games as learning environments (MMORPG). He focuses on three goals for his research in games education; Context embedded, inquiry driven and Socially Negotiated. Mark Wagner is making the move into post-secondary teaching. I am excited for Mark and those who will be his students. It is great to see that his talents will be used to equip pre-service teachers through them students.

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