Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Bother Me Course Work -- I'm Learning!

I received my copy of "DON'T BOTHER ME, MOM -- I'M LEARNING" : How Computer and Video Games Are Preparing Your Kids For Twenty-first Century Success -- and How You Can Help!

I have a presentation I have to prepare for my Leadership in I.T. course so the book has to wait. :(

In the mean time I'm going to post one of my assignments to the web. We were asked to write about someone who we felt was a Tech Leader. I chose to write about Dr. Margaret McVea at Concordia University College of Alberta. Here is what I had to say (write).

Community Builder

Dr. Margaret McVea is a great example of an I.T. leader who endeavors to build strong relationships. Dr. McVea was one of my professors at Concordia where I earned my Education Degree and where she showed me how important it is to have a connected community. In a highly competitive environment she demonstrates to preservice teachers the importance of sharing their work and experiences. Her success in passing these skills along has aided many Concordia graduates to become community builders in their own of schools. She has recently demonstrated her ability to build professional communities at the Technology Plus conference at Concordia. The conference, which she was the head of, showcased the best practices of Concordia students and their mentor teachers. She continues to strengthen her own talents by doing research in the area of I.T. integration in preservice teaching programs. As she continues to share her skills for building genuine relationships she is helping schools staffs and students to learn together.

To see more of her research visit this link:

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idarknight said...

Let me know what you think of the book - I'm almost don Blink, and that is next for me.