Tuesday, March 07, 2006

McLuhan's Tetrad

In my MES 597 - Ethics and Philosophy in Instructional Technology we finished studying Marshal McLuhan and some pages from his book Laws of Media. I used McLuhan's four Laws of Media to examine the topic of MORPG in Education. I took the first M off because I didn't want to move into the Massive part of the roleplaying spectrum. Here are McLuhan's four Law/Questions for media.

1. What does [this educational technology artifact] enhance or intensify?

2. What does it render obsolete or displace?

3. What does it retrieve that was previously obsolesced?

4. What does it produce or become when pressed to an extreme?

The paper is quite familiar in it's tone. I moved away from the acedemic voice as you will be able to tell. I guess I'm just too excited about the promise of video games as learning tools. Please read and give me a post if you like. I would love to hear about additions or changes others would make.

Oh yeah the link for the paper is in the title (it's posted on my ECSD site).

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